Zurich, Switzerland
German, Italian
office employee
170cm / 59 kg / 36 / 75D
Versace, Gucci
Italian cuisine


The looks of an Italian top model coupled with Swiss poise

When opposites meet, things get interesting. Imagine a gorgeous Mediterranean-looking Italian lady with the calm and composure of a cute Swiss miss. She sounds like a dream woman, doesn't she? Why not spend some wonderful moments together with our wonderful, easy-going Alessia.

3 questions for Alessia

01 What are your interests?

I love being out in nature and enjoy nothing more than travelling the world.

02 How do your friends describe you?

They say I'm fun to be with, full of zest for life and like good, open-minded discussions.

03 What is a successful evening for you?

A delicious dinner with wonderful weather, surrounded by nature, enjoying a glass of wine and an interesting conversation.

Booking rates

1 Hour
550 CHF
2 Hours
850 CHF
3 Hours
1100 CHF
4 Hours
1300 CHF
5 Hours
1500 CHF
6 Hours
1650 CHF
8 Hours
2000 CHF
12 Hours
2300 CHF
18 Hours
2700 CHF
24 Hours
3100 CHF

Every additional day: CHF 1300
Travel expenses outside Zurich by arrangement


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