Zurich, Switzerland
German, English, Italian, French
fitness model
168cm / 58 kg / 34 / 75B
Chloé, Elie Saab
Italian, sushi


A model of perfection

Athleticism and elegance – Chloé combines these opposites in the most natural way possible. Making every woman just that little bit jealous, her perfect, athletic body will drive any man out of his mind. A native of Zurich, this humorous young lady is truly every man’s dream. Get to know Chloé better and enjoy what is certain to be an unforgettable time with her.

3 questions for Chloé

01 What are your interests?

The most important thing for me is to be able to lead a healthy, fulfilled life.

02 How do your friends describe you?

I’m a warm person who is fun to be with.

03 What is a successful evening for you?

Having a good time with fascinating people.

Booking rates

1 Hour
550 CHF
2 Hours
850 CHF
3 Hours
1100 CHF
4 Hours
1300 CHF
5 Hours
1500 CHF
6 Hours
1650 CHF
8 Hours
2000 CHF
12 Hours
2300 CHF
18 Hours
2700 CHF
24 Hours
3100 CHF

Every additional day: CHF 1300
Travel expenses outside Zurich by arrangement


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